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Night Vision For Boat Trailers

If you have ever launched/loaded your boat during hours of darkness, the following might be of interest to you.

It is called the Launch Mate II and it's like night vision for your boat trailer. It is a patented and extensively tested product that does not require any human intervention once installed - it is completely automatic! There is a computer generated "sensor", not a float, that senses the water as the trailer enters. The lighting system is then automatically activated, making the trailer look much like a landing strip. The system turns itself off as the trailer exits the water.

There are a couple of options for lighting setups. On the bunk runners themselves with flood lamp lighting from the front of the trailer, and/or build your own package with your choice of lighting systems.

We have struggled at poorly lit launch sites and undoubtedly you have too.

We have videos and a demo model available for viewing.

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